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Solar energy comes to The Left Bank

The Left Bank at 5 Bank Street in North Bennington was renovated in October with a new roof and installation of a 7.4 KW grid-tied, solar-photovoltaic power system. The renovation is a project of The Fund for North Bennington, Inc., the sole owner of The Left Bank, LLC. The solar installation was designed and constructed by Power Guru Solar Electric Systems, a Left Bank tenant. The project was made possible by a generous matching grant of $20,000 from Green Mountain Power Corp. The black panels are nearly invisible on the roof of the historic 1865 bank building. Photos above show the Solar Guru and roofing crews at work.

If you would like to help us match the GMP grant, please click 'Give Now' at the bottom of this page for online giving, or send your contribution directly to The Fund for North Bennington, PO Box 803, North Bennington, VT 05257. Thank you!

PFOA community updates

Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA ) is a persistent, mobile, and toxic chemical. Once a major ingredient in Dupont's Teflon®, it was used in manufacturing at a plant in North Bennington until 2002. Recent testing has found PFOA in some area wells at levels above the Environmental Protection Agency's health advisory level. There is no PFOA in the water system serving most houses in the Village.

The State of Vermont is issuing regular updates on PFOA testing and studies in the North Bennington area, and is maintaining a map showing sampling results. The Vermont Health Department fact sheet on PFOA is here.

The engineering study for expanding the North Bennington water system was released on May 27. The study, which can downloaded here, estimates that, with adequate funding, the expansion could be completed in 2017 to serve outlying properties with wells affected by PFOA.

A class action lawsuit was filed in May in federal court against Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corporation, the successor to the manufacturer that used PFOA in North Bennington. The suit seeks damages on behalf of property owners in and around the village. A copy of the lawsuit is here.

Calendar of events at The Left Bank

An on-line calendar created by Amy Anselmo keeps tabs on all the community events at The Left Bank, the former Merchants Bank building. Click here for the calendar. For more information about The Left Bank click here.

Calendar of other local events

A wide ranging calendar of local events is available here, also courtesy of Amy Anselmo, with financial support from The Fund for North Bennington, Inc.