'sugar, salt & vinegar' by liz dwyer

Elizabeth M. Dwyer in 1977

Elizabeth M. Dwyer in 1977


Elizabeth Mosher Dwyer, a native of North Bennington, became the Village correspondent for The Bennington Banner in March 1961. Her lively judgment and shrewd humor quickly led to the offer of an op-ed column. From November 1961 through the rest of the decade, her column "Syrup, Salt and Vinegar" was a Wednesday feature in the paper. She was the paper's editorial page editor at the time of her death in September 1977. Liz Dwyer's editorials were informed by a deep knowledge and love of the community.

Below is a selection of her 1960s columns, reprinted here courtesy of The Banner. Multi-volume sets of Liz Dwyer's columns may be perused at the John G. McCullough Library in North Bennington, and in the Hemmings Motor News Vermont History Room of the Bennington Free Library.


North Bennington High School: A Valedictory

Our Village's State of Mind
Baseball At Welling Field
All Aboard
Parades Are People
Winter Sports of Yesteryear
Doing Without the N.Y. Papers
Behold, the Deerslayer!
Race Track: Yes. Union School: ?
Steam Cars Had a Flavor
Four-Buckle Follies
Is 1966 So Different?
I once was Col. Baum
' I Swang At It a Lot'
MAUHS is For Students
Maple Riches
More old photographs
Nostalgia for Trains
New Highways Make Us Ornery
Outhouse Hassle
'Those Were The Days'
Times Change, Storms Don't
Sour note from the Hunting Horn
A Time To Remember