index to the photos of reuben greene

Striking women, indifferent men

Factory stock for chair legs


Thumbnail images of all the black-and-white photographs in the Reuben Greene Collection may be browsed here.

An index to these images is available here. Each image has an identifying number, which appears in the first column of the index, and also under each photo in the thumbnail collection. In the index, the size of each original print is specified. The "comments" column in the index identifies individuals, locations and any other pertinent information.

It is possible in most web browers to search the index by using the "find" function (Control + F key.) You can quickly locate identifying information about images of particular individuals or places. You can then find the image in the thumbnail collection by searching (again, Control + F) for the image number.

These search functions will work best on a high-speed internet connection with a recent version of a web browser. If you have additional information about a particular image, please contact The Fund.

This index was created by the skillful and diligent volunteer effort of Mark Case, formerly of Moretown, Vermont. First, volunteers from the Village of North Bennington, organized by Lawrence F. Powers and the late Madeline Gratton, reviewed the photographs and identified as many individual subjects and locations as possible. Mr. Case then prepared the collection for archival storage, and patiently created this database.

After the identification work was completed, all the images were professionally scanned at a very high level of resolution. The .tif scans are stored on 40 high-quality compact disks. The images reproduced on the Web are for browsing purposes only, and do not match the quality of the high-density scanned images.

The digital reproduction work was accomplished by Judith Kitchell, Ph.D. of ImageRe: Digital Works in Waterbury, Vermont.