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Preserving landscapes and enhancing community life

This photo, taken in October, shows one location of invasive plant removal on property owned by The Fund and by a neighbor just south of The Mile-Around Woods. The light brown areas (center right) on the neighboring property were cut this fall. The darker brown strips, between fields on The Fund’s property (left) were cut last fall, allowed to re-sprout, and cut again this year to reduce the invasive seed bank. The work on The Fund’s land was made possible by public donations, and is part of the long-term management plan to create a more sustainable and resilient landscape. Our management plan for The Mile-Around Woods can be found here.

This site is dedicated to the Village of North Bennington, Vermont — its history, its culture, and its rich community life. Here you will find photos, stories and a trove of diverse source materials about North Bennington.

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