the village from above

This six-minute drone video made in 2015 shows the Park-McCullough House, Hiland Hall Garden and fields near The Mile-Around Woods. Courtesy of a village resident. Below is a still image of the center of the village taken about 1962.

View from above Houghton Street looking south, about 1962. Note the open hillside west of Park Street with visible remains of old quarry sites; the gothic house in the current location of St. John’s garden; the empty lot where the firehouse now stands; and the driveway entrance to Haviland’s Privilege on the west side of the building that now houses Pangea. Photo courtesy of Tyler Resch.

View of Lincoln Square area in 1959. Note the “grist mill” on the corner of Nash and Prospect Street. This mill was demolished before the 1962 photo was taken. Now the site of fire station. Photo from Timothy Powers.