the fund for north bennington, inc.

Preserving landscapes and enhancing community life

The thick border of invasive shrubs, along the tree line at the rear of The Mile-Around Woods, was removed in October as part of The Fund for North Bennington’s effort to restore the health of its forests and fields. The brown area above is the mulched remains of the wall of invasive plants that had encroached on the field over many years. More about the project can be found here.

This site is dedicated to the Village of North Bennington, Vermont — its history, its culture, and its rich community life. Here you will find photos, stories and a trove of diverse source materials about North Bennington.

North Bennington High School yearbooks. This site functions, in part, as an archive of village history. We recently were given a selection of 1940s yearbooks from the collection of the late Barbara Vail Buxbaum. These provide a wonderful glimpse into village life 80 years ago. Explore the collection here.

A project of The Fund for North Bennington, Inc., a community non-profit organization.