about this website

The Fund for North Bennington, Inc. developed this site to document, explore and celebrate community life in and around North Bennington, Vermont.

The site contains galleries of historic photographs of North Bennington and the region. The heart of this collection is the work of Reuben Greene (1906-1996), an extraordinary amateur photographer. His images document village life from the late 1930s into the early 1960s.

There are galleries of contemporary photographs of North Bennington — including three sets of villager self-portraits, each set made on a single day seven years apart.

The Fund has conserved and opened to the public 423 acres of land. The site provides maps, trail guides and information about local natural history and public access to conserved landscapes.

The site describes the limited grant program operated by The Fund, and provides more information for qualified grant applicants.

There is an expanding trove of maps and historical materials in the site’s resources section.

For nearly 80 years, the Cushman Manufacturing Company was the village’s principal employer. Cushman developed and marketed nationally an iconic brand of American furniture. The site provides a rich compendium of Cushman materials, including selections from catalogs, advertising and photos made by Reuben Greene in the factory.

Frank Martella. Photo by Reuben Greene.
Self portrait, 2007.
Group self-portrait, 2007.
Band in Bennington. Photo by Reuben Greene.

Site design, development and administration by Rob Woolmington. Except as noted, historic photographs are copyrighted by The Fund for North Bennington, and contemporary photographs are copyrighted by Rob Woolmington. Photos may be copied and shared with attribution for non-commercial use. All other rights reserved.

This site contains many official documents, along with maps and other resources, relating to the Village of North Bennington. This is not an official web site of Village government, and does not provide copies of meeting warnings, minutes and other routine administrative materials.

There is a page dedicated to selected news and comments on life in North Bennington. If you want to share news of events, please let us know.

The site collects more than 20 short essays about Village life written in the 1960s by Elizabeth Dwyer for The Bennington Banner. Her wise humor and insights into the spirit of “the North Village” remain fresh as ever in a new century.

Then most visited page on this site is the one describing Shirley Jackson’s life in the village, and her writing of “The Lottery” here. The Cushman pages are the next most popular.

We would welcome your suggestions for additions!