working the land

Fields owned by The Fund for North Bennington are used by two local farm operations, as explained in more detail below and in linked pages. Adjoining acres in private ownership are also worked by Landview Farms, LLC and David Lively. These fields anchor a small but vibrant hub of agricultural activity on the west side of North Bennington.

Dave Lively and the American Cream horses. Open land adjoining the Mile-Around Woods to the west and north is used as seasonal pastureland for the American Cream horses owned by David and Nancy Lively. The two barns on the property are also used by Dave to shelter the horses and store feed. Click here for more about the Lively’s horses and livery business.

One of the Livelys’ American Cream horses in the “Park House Meadow” below the “Dryer Barn”, corn crib and The Mile-Around Woods.

Landview Farms, LLC. The Fund’s fields upslope and south of The Mile-around Woods, and north of McCullough Road, are cultivated in hay and corn by Landview Farms, LLC. The feed produced in North Bennington helps sustain Landview’s dairy herd on the home farm six miles away in White Creek NY.

Landview recently updated its management plan for The Fund’s fields. The plan prescribes no-till field management, manure injection and systematic crop rotation. Click here for more information about Landview Farms, and here to see Landview’s current field management plan (pdf).

First cutting of hay by Landview Farms on one of The Fund’s fields north of McCullough Road. This view looks south toward other fields maintained by Landview.

Conservation. The field adjoining the southwest corner of The Mile-Around Woods is too wet to cultivate for crops, but is well used by wildlife. The Fund mows the field every three to five years, and is now considering whether more active management might enhance the field’s value for wildlife. In tandem with adjoining landowners and Landview Farms, The Fund has also implemented a plan to protect critical habitat for ground-nesting birds.

Public access. The Fund maintains a network of trails along the edge of some of the agricultural fields, and in surrounding woodland. A map of designated trails is here.

The Fund’s farm fields are NOT open to the public for recreation from April 1 through October 31. Please do not enter any fields containing horses, do not climb fences and follow the directions on signs. Thank you.