north bennington official contacts

Village Board of Trustees

John Lamson, Chair, 442-3242
Mark Boudreau, 442-7061
Matthew Patterson, 442-8796 
Bill Scully
Erin McKenny

Village Officers

Lorine Elwell, Clerk
Mary R. Rogers, Treasurer and delinquent tax collector
John Ulrich, Moderator 

Planning Commission

Bob Howe, Vice Chair 447-7750
Matthew Patterson, 442-8796
Marty Cummings, 442-9306

Development Review Board

Marty Cummings, chair 442-9306
Rachel Schumacher, vice chair, 447-7459
Dennis McCarthy
James Sullivan 

North Bennington Graded School
Prudential Committee

Raymond Mullineaux, Chair
Timothy Schroeder
Matthew Patterson
Maria Scully 
Kim Krall

Village School of North Bennington

Tim Newbold, Head
Sue Maguire, Chair 

Water Board

Steve Goodrich, Chair
Arla Sampsell
Joseph Herman
David Shaughnessy
Gerald Elwell

Zoning Administrator

Dennis McCarthy, 442-4288

Highway Department employees

Norman Leblanc
Zachary Bull

Water Department employees

Ted Fela
Jarod Lauzon

Fire Department

Fire Chief: Edward Myers, Jr.
President: Steve Gorman
1st Assistant Chief: Wayne Burgess
2nd Assistant Chief: Keith Cross, Sr.

Tree Committee

Jeff Gray, Chair
Susan Lambert, Secretary/Treasurer
Ron Pembroke
Stuart Aldrich
Emily Hunter, Tree Warden
Matthew Patterson, Tree Warden 

Park McCullough House Association

Allen McCullough, President 
Mary Feidner, Vice-President
Chris Macksey, Treasurer
Alyssa Barry, Secretary
Randolyn Zinn
Brandy Lesser

John G. McCullough Free Library (447-7121)

Jennie M. Rozycki, Director

Paran Recreations, Inc.

Alisa Del Tufo, Chair

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