grants by the fund for north bennington

The Fund for North Bennington, Inc. operates a grant program to support projects that are principally focused in and around the Village of North Bennington, Vermont.

Grants are NOT awarded for services or benefits provided to residents of North Bennington as part of an organization’s regional operations.

Please do not waste your time or ours by submitting a proposal that is not focused on the Village of North Bennington, Vermont.

The median size of grants made by The Fund from its formation in 1992 through April 30, 2021 was $1,500. During that period, the Fund awarded 376 grants for a total of $646,000. The average total amount of grants awarded each year has been $23,984. More than 27 percent of the grants have helped serve a social mission.

The Fund typically limits grants to $3,000. In situations where there is a critical need to act quickly, please contact The Fund by email ( as soon possible to describe the situation.  The Fund does not reimburse costs incurred before the grant request.  

The chart, above right, summarizes the types of grants (by dollar amount) that The Fund made during its first 28 years of operations. Examples of projects supported by The Fund include:

  • Supporting outdoor education in the natural sciences for elementary students in the Village’s woods and fields

  • Supporting productions of Shakespeare by and for children in the Village

  • Repairing and conserving historic Village structures

  • Supporting the teaching of string instruments and underwriting performances at The Village School

  • Supporting adult education classes in the Village for parents of Head Start pupils

  • Supporting improvements to educational, recreational and arts facilities in the Village

  • Supporting artist residencies in the Village.

  • Providing a 2:1 match of private donations and municipal funds to support a multi-year plan for planting of shade trees in the Village

  • Initiating a design project that allows owners of historic buildings in the Village to consult with architects regarding repairs and new construction

The Fund has set application deadlines of November 1 and March 1. Applicants are generally not interviewed, but may be asked to submit supplementary materials. The Fund tries to keep the process simple, and does not encourage or reward the submittal of voluminous material. A succinct project description and complete budget are essential.

Grant applications must be submitted on the Fund’s application form (please do not staple). The Fund does not accept first-time applications over the Internet. If you have questions about a potential grant application, please feel free to contact us. More detailed information about The Fund’s work and past grants is contained in the Twentieth Anniversary Report.