restoring ecosystem health

The Fund for North Bennington launched its ecosystem resilience project by adopting new management plans for The Mile-Around Woods and for its forested land east of Lake Paran. The plans aim to create a breathing space for a healthy habitat’s key species by helping insects, native plants and animals to hold their ground in the face of a tidal wave of invasives, extreme weather and climate change.  

This page provides a summary of The Fund’s work to date to support sustainable fields and woodlands, and to educate the public about ecosystem resilience.

A red salamander — one sign of a healthy forest floor.
The “Brontosaurus” converted densely tangled hedges of mature invasive shrubs into piles of mulch. Photo above was taken of what was formerly an invasives hedge south of The Mile-Around Woods. This quarter-mile hedge was leveled in three hours.

More about The Fund’s conservation work may be found here.