villager self-portraits

Sophie and Jay Paris, daughter and father photographers, have three times — in seven-year intervals — offered villagers and visitors in North Bennington the opportunity to make their own photographic portraits.

On busy Saturdays in September 2000, September 2007 and August 2014, the pair strolled the village with their camera. Each subject posed as she or he wished, and chose the moment for making the image. Sophie and Jay rigged a digital camera with an old-fashioned photographer’s bulb and tube. The subject squeezed the rubber bulb and viola the pixels were fixed (with sly help from Sophie and Jay).

Some of the photographs were made on rooftops, some in parks, some inside. The subjects include the governor, a beloved centenarian, groups of children, and villagers at work, at rest, at play.

Each photographer/subject was invited to a gallery opening the following day at Vermont Arts Exchange. Sophie and Jay then worked through the night to print, hang and mount a show. The photographers/subjects streamed to the gallery the next day to see the fruits of their work.

Groups of photos from each of the three years are shown below.

2000 Self Portraits

2007 Self Portraits

2014 Self Portraits

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