dogs in the mile-around woods

The policy for dogs in The Mile-Around Woods and surrounding areas was informed by your comments and suggestions. Thanks to all who shared your thoughts and concerns. Please be sure to obey the rules below.


Dogs must be leashed within The Mile-Around Woods and on the roads leading to the Woods from West Street, McCullough Road and the Moseley Bridge.  See map below.

Dogs outside the leash-only zone must be under the owner’s control at all times, and must not charge, jump on or threaten other dogs or people.

All dog waste within 15 feet of any trail or road must be removed immediately.  Poop bags must not be left near trails for later pickup.

Dogs must not enter the fields set aside for grassland bird nesting between May 15 and July 31.  These areas will be marked by seasonal signs.

Violators may be prohibited from future access to The Mile-Around Woods and surrounding areas.  

Thank you for your cooperation.   We welcome further comment and suggestions.  Violations may be reported by emailing The map below shows the leash-only areas: